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"Michael is a thoughtful and impassioned keynoter who  presents actionable and leading edge insights that empower and inspire."

Meet Michael...

Michael B. Moore has enjoyed a rich and dynamic career focused on leadership in consumer-facing organizations. His experience includes leading the largest brand in the world, heading marketing for - at the time - the hottest global sports apparel brand, being President/CMO of a pioneering social media software company, and both corporate and non-profit CEO roles for iconic organizations. Michael also led an innovative brand strategy consultancy where he advised leadership teams on how to maximize the power and value of their brands.


Michael is a compelling keynote speaker! He shares insights and perspectives that are thoughtful, actionable and steeped in practical experience. He speaks with clarity and passion about a number of important topics.


His personal connection to history as the great great grandson of Robert Smalls - an enslaved man who took his freedom and life into his hands - empowers a unique point of view on goal setting, overcoming obstacles, and strategic risk taking.


Michael's experience in corporate, entrepreneurial, and non-profit environments informs a rare perspective on the challenges of organizational success and leadership.





Michael is an innovative thought leader on brand strategy, consumer behavior, and marketing. His cutting-edge thinking is captured in his book, "Bridging The Gaps . . . Inside the Hearts and Minds of Consumers". It results from practical experience running the largest brand in the world and was honed by many years of both leading and advising consumer marketing companies of all kinds.


In this keynote, Michael delivers fresh insights on the power of human emotion and the role that identity (who you are) and self esteem (how you feel about yourself) play in creating and managing strong, profitable brands. He offers a clear framework on how to inspire consumers to first notice your brand, then buy, buy more, and - importantly - tell their friends!

Key Topics:

  • How to build the strongest brand possible with whatever resources you have.

  • The central role and true power of emotion in marketing.

  • The key to building any consumer brand! What you need to know; what you need to do!


Gleaned from decades of corporate and non-profit experience, Michael shares actionable insights on the challenges and opportunities of 21st century leadership. In a world getting smaller, more competitive and complex - leadership can be increasingly challenging. To maximize productivity, organizations must understand this new operating landscape.


Michael shares lessons learned from a rich and dynamic career - including leading the largest brand in the world, a cutting-edge technology start-up, at the time - the hottest sports apparel brand in the world, and a new museum on one of the most sacred sites of American history. He offers insights about how to position yourself and your organization for breakthrough success.

Michael offers particular insight and perspective on the topic of organizational diversity and inclusion - answering the central questions:

  • What is it? Why is it important? What's in it for me?

  • How do I do it?​​​​

Michael's keynotes are customized to your specific needs and focus on:

  • Organizational Leadership​

  • The challenges and opportunities of managing a diverse 21st century workforce​

  • Deconstructing innovation


History is far more than an academic pursuit. It has critical meaning in the way that it frames current national perceptions and individual realities. In this talk, Michael shares a number of examples - both personal and societal - to illustrate how historical narratives critically impact how we think of ourselves and behave today. 


Michael leverages his personal connection - as the great great grandson of Civil War hero and Reconstruction Congressman Robert Smalls - to illustrate his story. He also talks about the power that museums like the forthcoming International African American Museum, of which he is Founding President, can have on our collective future.


Michael also presents how historical narratives impact leadership and organizational performance. History, indeed, matters!




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