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Our Values:


People Over Politics

Our representatives in Washington spend too much time chasing cable news appearances, embracing extremist policies, and stoking the flames of partisanship. It’s time for a leader who will put the needs of their constituents over the whims of their party. As a results-focused businessman, I’m ready to get to work on behalf of the people of this district — not the politicians in Washington.


Defending Our Democracy

It’s a perilous moment for American democracy. Respect for the rule of law is eroding. Partisan gerrymandering and election lies have undermined voting rights across the country. Too many politicians are putting party first, and too many families are feeling left behind, distrusting of institutions. Meanwhile, our lawmakers are turning inward — refusing to come together and collaborate on commonsense solutions for the Lowcountry. In Congress, I’ll work to help bridge these divides, restore faith in our government, and rehabilitate U.S. democracy in the 21st century.


Commitment to Public Service

Public service runs in my blood. I come from a long line of pioneering lawmakers and civil rights leaders who fought to extend the promise of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ to all. I’m committed to building upon their hard-fought victories for current and future generations of South Carolinians.

An Economy That Works for Everyone

As a business executive with nearly four decades of private sector experience, I know firsthand that a healthy economy can empower all members of society.


But I also know that for far too long, our neighbors have struggled to cope with rising prices and the cost of living in the Lowcountry, while the wealthiest earners fail to pay their fair share in taxes and reap the rewards of a broken financial system.


I believe in economic policy that uplifts working families, respects labor rights, invests in local businesses, and holds big corporations accountable. Together, we’ll make sure everyone has a fair shot at success in South Carolina.

Protecting Women's Healthcare

When it comes to reproductive freedoms, today’s Republican politicians are just too extreme. They need to be reminded that a woman’s health care decisions belong between her and her doctor.


In Congress, I’ll fight to get government out of your lives and to restore rights to South Carolinians, not take them away. I’ll never make it more difficult for physicians and their patients to navigate the most sensitive of medical decisions.


Moreover, I pledge to stick up for working families with children, and my voting record will reflect the deeply held values of this district — focused on bodily autonomy, fundamental freedoms, and liberty for all.

Saving Our Coastal District

We here in the Lowcountry know better than most: The threat posed by climate change is real, and we must take decisive action to protect our flourishing coastal communities from environmental disaster. 


This district covers the majority of the state’s Atlantic shoreline, and sooner rather than later, our families and neighbors will bear a disproportionate burden of the climate crisis. 


For South Carolina, government inaction is no longer an option. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to embrace proactive climate policy, keeping our planet healthy and habitable for generations to come.

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